Thursday, 18 December 2014

Anxiety before Results.

Where pangs of excitement, happiness, and stress are felt anxiety before examination results is one of the most tormented emotion encountered during student life. Exams are one big torment itself, but the torment of examination result stands taller in comparison. Physical relief is granted but mental relief is obtained only when result inquiry is obtained. Days go restless and at nights students fell prey to nightmares and even hallucinations. Such level of anxiety might vary from peer to peer. Some might experience loss of appetite welled up due to anxiety disorders while some might eat more than usual. Such cases are normally jolted down. Students eagerly wait for results and desire to grab A grades.

I fell into an abyss of similar anxiety after I gave my first ever International Cambridge Examinations. I visualized certain scenarios and hoped for things to go fine. On my result day, my eyes were red and all dried up since i was up all night. My conjunctiva felt drier than ever. Head was heavy and heart was sinking, skipping beats and jolted me every time i gave a thought. I drove to school with my mom on a sunny Tuesday. I had struggled and wanted to bear fruit and not the brunt. Having appeared in 3 subjects I expected 3A*s. I entered school, and just before listening to my result i was numb, my body shivered, erector muscles had contracted and fear was explicit on my face. I held my mother's hand and grabbed the guts to listen to my result. However, I scored 2A*s and an A. Tears ran down my mothers eyes and i acknowledged how proud and happy she felt. The clouds of restlessness and anxiety had faded away. I made it to my parents expectations, anyhow, human thirst never satisfies and i felt i could have had 3A*s on the board. I bowed down in thanksgiving to my Lord. The phase i went through was my first time and i realized its incredulous intensity.

Such sensations well up naturally not only in some students but in all the students and can be taken over by hoping for the best. Expectations should be kept low but hopes must be high. Such a voluntary reflex to anxiety helps relieving it to some extent.  Hope for the best and kill down anxiety disorders, you rip what you sow, hosting such sentiments does not make a difference.

 Best of luck with your results. :)

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Do you cheat?

Students varying from schools to colleges and colleges to universities embed the concept of cheating with in their heads. This concept of cheating gives birth to reliability on others, which should not be the case. As students prefer to cheat over tests they make pace for more and more reliability on others. In such a case whole hearten self efforts start fading away like a thin vapor. Students might plan not learning and relying on each other, as a result the performances of candidates are seen to have taken a descending course. Where students cheat there also ain't a guarantee whether the cheated answer was right or  not? This ultimately leads to disappointment for students and yet their guardians.

Below is a slider designed to show the creativity students have put into cheating efforts.

Students need to acknowledge that while appearing in external 
examination cheating is strictly prohibited. In case of being caught for having used a cheat trick candidates are immediately disqualified. Thus on initial levels and within schools and colleges students should refrain from this habit of reliability.  Yes, i would like to call it reliability more than mere cheating. Water bottles, cell phones and all other accessories are to be left out of the examination center which makes it impossible for students to go with their cheating plans. So if the cheating styles showed up in the slider seemed great ways to you then forget them right away. Cambridge and also other systems don't allow any paper sort of thing to be accompanied with candidates. They ask you to remove the paper wrapped around your bottle. Where cheating with water bottle seems a great trick, students have been busted using this tactic. It's shameful and hurting when it's at such a level. 

Thus, students should give up the idea of cheating, scoring less is much better than showing reliance on other mates and since there is no concept of cheating in external examinations with so many invigilators around reliability rests in ultimate vain.


Monday, 7 July 2014

Pressure on students!

PressureAmong all the turbulent aversions students go through, pressure has been seen as the worst aversion messing up with healthy brains. Pressure is a state of mental burden and is seen as a specter in student life. Where other forms of pressure could be measured in pascals the measuring of brain pressure remains unanswered to many, however, the world evolves and evolves. The intraventricular catheter is the most accurate skull pressure monitoring method today.
Several students face different forms of pressure with the dominating being Parental and Examination pressure. Where school life is a wonderful time with our peers these torments also drag along varying in intensities from peer to peer.

Types of pressure faced by students!

1)  Parental pressure: This pressure is exerted on one in two cases. One being ignorant towards academics or poor in performance and second being a dab hand at academics. The students who fall between these two lines face much lesser pressure. A student who continually falls below passing line faces a torture for getting grounded while toppers face the pressure due to expectations. Also mentioned in the following post.

2) Examination pressure: This form of pressure is faced by all the students mostly and is the worst fright for them. Students should not forget that this pressure arises from within them and could be controlled by their own personal efforts. Our brain works best in ease taking situations. When it comes to hoe greater examinations this pressure doubles and causes a drastic effect on the performances of candidates. Great students who always grab an Astar in their tests might fall of the ladder if they fail to control examination pressure. First external examination experience has proved fatal for many. 

3) Work load pressure: This is a mere timely stress and doesn't have any harmful effects on the working of our brain. This is more of a stress then pressure. It is of insignificant concern and can be tackled with ease. 

I also fell prey to examination pressure at the time of my first ever external examinations; GCE Cambridge International Examinations.

        Here is my reaction to the incredulous Examination Pressure via Youblisher.

My Story!

Examination pressure has proved to be most lethal as according to a survey 40 students commit suicide each year. However its of great concern that around 6000 Indian students committed suicide in 2006 which brought up a hot debate against Indian educational boards across social media.

"Shimla superintendent of police (crime), Punita Bhardwaj, said incidents of children committing suicide because of examination stress often did not get reported as traumatized parents wanted to keep the issue under wraps."

Nearly three-quarters (73%) of the 804 teachers and lecturers believe children are under more pressure now than 10 years ago, with testing and exams, and family break-up causing the most distress.

Delegates at the ATL's annual conference in Torquay expressed concern at the increasing number of pupils across the UK who have killed themselves due to academic, social and peer pressure.

A Few Examples.

A teenage girl committed suicide because she was worried about her GCSE examsFifteen-year-old Tina Dziki died at a London hospital after taking what is thought to be an overdose of anti-malarial drugs.

Courtesy: BBC News

A 16 year old boy of Dubai left a suicide note in his chemistry exam and died 5 days later.

Courtesy: Emirates247

Due to 'Examination Pressure', a 14-year-old from Mulund committed suicide by hanging himself.

Courtesy: DnaIndia

Several such scenes of brutal self crucifying can be witnessed over the internet.
Examination pressure hurls ghastly situation onto the candidates!

What should students do?

  • Give no thought
  • Don't skip breakfast
  • Make precise rough notes for last day preparation
  • Take proper sleep
  • Carry no books to examination center
  • Relax
After tones of efficient hard work its unfortunate if students spoil their grades as an aftermath to taken pressure. Students must not forget that they have the ability to cope up with the untimely pressure pangs. Examination pressure could be reduced by giving not a thought, what i mean is that candidates should not think of their exams because in such state their mind under goes the process of thinking and takes up pressure. Students must relax and stay cool as if they are to give an important test only. The idea of giving up meals proves drastic. If the stress gives nausea students must still not skip the meals and should approach to the examination hall after a healthy and energetic breakfast. Since day one students should prepare rough notes to be used as the only source of revision before the exam day; this relieves half of the pressure. Studying up all night like owls ain't a good idea, sleeping hours are necessary for the brain to function in best manner. Take no books along to the examination hall. Relax, let your brain on ease and then you're ready to scribble over your examination sheets. Good luck :) 

Sunday, 29 June 2014

Sheer Determination!

Determination! What is determination to you? Working hard? Staying firm? This mere description is very precise to describe the embedded power welled into the word "determination". Human minds have today created the best of inventions giving birth to a new creed, the creed of mechanism, where all the sporty efforts have evolved into mere screening efforts. How did they make it possible? It was 'Determination'. Their private determination to do something! Something big, something unique, something that no one had ever done, something that I want to do!

Lets see how Google defines determination..

Now lets see how Yahoo defines determination..

Everybody has a different approach of defining "Determination" Well search engines differ in their approach too. Google's definition is compatibly better. Determination varies according to its intensity in different people.

What is determination to me?


  Here is the work of a few determined souls that i have searched.

.'. Alexander Graham Bell: He invented the first practical telephone which is one of our greatest necessity today. The man has 18 patents on his name. He did that something and look,the noise of the man who is resting as a sleeper under the silent earth could be heard out on all grounds. He left behind a legacy. His determination made him the father of telecommunication through phones! 


.'. Eli Whitney: He was a revolutionary inventor who invented the cotton gin which helped speed up the industrial revolution by a great degree. He is a legend for the British today, it was his determination to do something.

.'.Galileo Galilei: He invented among other devices,the telescope and the compass, the man you see in the pic left a land mark and is a recognized figure for the later generations. His determination made him a legend.

All these men were human,had same humanoid traits but it was their struggle,they staggered hard and were determined.They were honest with their work!        
Whether it's a basketball match, a soccer tournament, a discovery, a great examination or your daily life, you need to be determined, never losing hope is an incentive taken by wise people which backs up our determination. I'm a determined soul, i do every thing with utmost determination and it wits me success, from a cricket match to later aspects determination has always been a part of my life. When I'm determined to do anything for myself or someone else i end up completing my goal. Teenagers want freedom of will and find the lectures of their parents a boring melody! WAKE UP! Do something in your life, something BIG! Live a proud life for the rest of your life, so i'll urge all my readers to never give up, to be honest to their efforts and to work out every possibility with purest intentions arousing from the cardiac muscles of your blood pumping mechanism.



Wednesday, 28 May 2014

The Net of Expectations!

Expectations! Are there people around you who are expecting a lot from you just cause your elder among your siblings or maybe cause your a dab hand at academics? Usually our family members and friends laden their expectations unto us. Where it gives us a boost it also frustrates us when its time to hoe greater examinations. Our teachers start expecting too and if we don't score then we've committed a heinous sin because we couldn't run along with the expectations! Expectations are good, but the people around us specially our parents should learn to keep them with themselves instead of recalling their expectations unto us and rebounding us into them. They do encourage us, there is no refraining but at the same time they scare us! You know when your actually doing good this span of expectations starts knitting nets. The whole vicinity starts expecting. People start eyeing you as you come into their focal cause of your performance.Your brain starts taking the pressure and you make mistakes.

Well, i'm good at academics and i score highest in my badge with the grace of God. When i usually tell my friends i haven't prepared for the test or something, they would simply pass it out giggling saying "Your still going to score highest" And i'm always like what the hell, no body's so perfect! What is this actually? Its the expanding net of expectations which gives birth to more expectants. It might seem good at the start but it starts bugging one, really! I've stopped saying i haven't prepared or that the test didn't go well cause the response of people is more vexing then scoring bad. My dad expects a lot from me and its his counselling that brought me so far but his expectations are unfortunately a burden on me now.

 Here's another poem, an influx of feelings...

When we are burdened then it gets hard to give the same performance ain't it? We start getting depressed and in that state we cant give our best. Moreover its more of a victory when nobody expects and you accomplish your goal successfully. This expectations burden is still a part of my life and i fail tackling it, it went too hard on me to tackle Cambridge International Examinations! A thing i learnt is to keep things up to ourselves. One should not create such an image that people eye you with expectations, rather be silent, work hard, your success will make the noise. If anybody has more possible solutions to tackle this problem then kindly post it in the comment box. 

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

The Circuit of Distractions!

Distractions, distractions and distractions!
You're living midst a world full of distractions, they are everywhere, in front of you or maybe behind you. They unleash their hands on you to grasp you in their fold any now or then with the sole purpose to distract you from your aim, your goal, your dreams for they are meant to distract! These distractions are of kinds and their aftermaths vary according to their kind. Usually they seem insignificant at the threshold but if you contemplate they hinder you from marking the milestone you could have marked if they didn't exist. It's very easy to get distracted, even the thud of a book seizes your attention. These distractions are nominal but those which sway you away from your aim prove drastic. They rob you off your ambition and set for you another row, the road of your life diverts from the path of success and takes its turn to a mantling pool where your ambitions start to perish. These mere distractions might not effect you in a go but they definitely plan a propaganda against you which results in your doom.

One of the most common and effective distraction teenagers fell prey is their growing desire to have boyfriends/girlfriends as the case maybe. I was too far from these ideas and was a focused soul, the only thing i had in my head was to get what i want and in that journey i couldn't forget i had to work to get my wants. Like i said, i was far from such distractions but the society around cast its spell on me although it was not long lasting but its something to ponder on. To have a boyfriend started to seem like a good thing to me as i heard my friends telling their tales, talking to their boyfriends all night long, breakups and patch ups. I was actually under a bad influence. I would ask myself "Is this the right time to have a boyfriend?'' Well i'm glad that no one interested me when i fell prey to these thoughts and actually i successfully escaped the thought. Just like shingles and paints fall of an abandoned house these thoughts left my mind. My aim seemed clear to me, clearer then ever. Where one has such influence on them there are always good people to guide right. This just wasn't the right time and i realized i couldn't let my aims die causeless in funeral hymns. A realization welled up in me, i had an adamant belief that these things have their time but just now when i am cementing the initial bricks out of which i need to construct a building i couldn't take risk. Ask yourself! Are you ready to compromise with your future?

Why get into this relationship mess before the right time when you could simply hang out with guys or gals as friends or mates? Believe me its more fun then to be incarcerated in a relationship prison. When you get passionate over the love thing you find it as a great feeling but we have examples in front of us who suffer the hurt more then pleasures. In such cases how would you manage to cram things up from your books when you have a heavy heart? Media experiences create a complete vision of the consequences in our brain. What's the use of it then? It's useless,waste of time!

Here's a poem i wrote on unfaithful love. When i am into something poetry starts trickling out itself and gives things more sentiments so here's another outburst of emotions pouring in form of poetic words.

Leave all behind, look ahead! Your vision must be clear. You want to be successful? Be a horse, don't look around, your hard work and determination then brings you success for the magical spell of distractions died in the heat eradicated by your determination!




Tuesday, 20 May 2014

How one's thirst for leadership might give birth to a pack of haters!

I am an exceedingly hardworking person and i do possess good leadership skills that wit me great success, however, I had barriers or hurdles standing in front of me 6 feet long,that probably covered my whole view. The light which once cast its rays on me turned into shadow, the manifest grandeur started to fade. These hurdles weren't there at the threshold but from the ground of my success emerged out these obstacles like zombies raising their hands out of the graves! spooky?
Now see if you're another person who thinks alike and believes in leadership with yourself as the bold leader then the first thing you need to do is influence people. Yeah, that's so obvious but "Influence" is a very thought provoking and powerful word. Only few people have that spark and that little tinge in their attitudes that compels people to come under their influencing circle.

When you start taking that particular lead you never know how people around you get vexed over your leadership for this is clearly envy, probably some haters want to take your place and it hurts their pride to accept you. Cheers, that is momentous for you cause this clearly illustrates how better you are but at the same time it creates problems, mayhem and fuss. In certain cases it may be your friends enraged at the thought that its you in the focal, who is deciding on all things, who is representing them and eventually making things happen. You believe in yourself cause you are right and adamant on it but whose going to assure it to the rest, who think with their shrunken brains and can't match the uniqueness of your thinking point of view? You yourself! Of course!
Your working, working great!! Stop!! Those around you might call you arrogant, mean and rude. You may have to listen to things like "You don't listen to anybody". Its vexing right? I used to get vexed at such comments by a few not so close friends and rest! Now whats the point?
I learnt how i could be a good leader. I was always a bold and fluent tongue but that influencing power knocked my door when i started to act wise. I started taking suggestions from all to make them feel they are putting up equal efforts in the cause, whatever it would be. You could appreciate the suggestions and consider them later if they suit you right. Endeavor to make your speech more and more influencing. Take more of criticism for yourself and let the credit be distributed to the whole pack, no matter if you don't get that praise, you better praise your self for satisfaction and ultimately you take your team in confidence! Let there be no barriers between you and the rest, always be the consolidating force, learn how to take more work from an enemy then a friend for then you would be a recognized leader! The multiplying pack of haters would start dividing and eventually will come to a halt, you will then have followers! It's a simple strategy, you could produce good from every good and deep thought of yours! Real time experiences prove better then reading qualities under bold headings, one can not know how to implement them unless given some strategy lines. Slight change and positive attitude make leaders for leaders are made not born! We are the coming leaders of our countries, though we are leaders at initial stage or a mere insignificant level but at least we are capable enough to be recognized as "Leaders" from within a crowd if you really are one and act as one.

We have examples of great leaders which is a boastful inspiration for us.

1) Muhammad Ali Jinnah: He led a pack dominant by illiterate people for the completion of Pakistan. His remarkable leadership qualities developed trust in hearts of the people which ultimately led him to succeed in his mission of achieving a separate homeland; Pakistan. Today he stands as the legend of Pakistan.

2) Mahatma Gandhi: He in his unique leading style led his people through the worsened situations of subcontinent and established peace. He stood against the British at times for his rights. Today he is a recognized legend of India.

3)Adolf Hitler: He swiftly lead his people,his country through the World War. Success be fall  him but his leadership examples lead a mark in history.

4)Abraham Lincoln: He proved to be one of the best presidents so far due to his wise leadership tactics.

To become a great leader we need such inspirations.

Be yourself, be the best, be a LEADER.